Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Home Study...Check!

Our home study is officially done. That is one big step...too many more to go! I have filled out the I-800A paperwork and will be sending that in tomorrow hopefully! Then we wait for our fingerprint appointment and approval, which I have heard can take up to 8 weeks...praying it will all happen quicker than that so we can get our dossier (boat load of paperwork) to China (also known as DTC) as soon as possible. Oh how I can't wait for that!

Don't forget to type in anything into our box on the right for Amazon anytime you order a birthday gift, Christmas gift, etc. We don't get a lot, but we do get a small percent and a small percent is better than nothing right?!?! Thank you!!

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Pray we get a quick appointment date for our fingerprinting with USCIS! I guess if we don't, we will probably be walking in on a Wednesday morning anyways, so maybe I should be saying pray for a quick approval! :)