Thursday, January 26, 2012

Today we are finally....

It felt like it has been forever in the making and things took a little longer at the embassy than we were originally told, but I am SO excited to say that we are finally DTC TODAY via DHL!!! For those of you not familar with the lingo- this means Dossier to China and is huge! All of the paperwork is now out of the US and on its way to China, where once it arrives, it could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to be logged in. Once logged in, the wait for the all important Letter of Approval- LOA starts. And that wait can take anywhere from 32 days to 150 days....that is why it is too early to tell when we will be traveling. Our best guess though is that travel will be between June- August.

Praying for a quick LID and LOA since we have been waiting 6 months plus for our daughter already due to having to go about things a bit backwards in the beginning because of needing a waiver from China.

We are so blessed and thrilled to be at this point- it is a really big deal!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And we have...

Glitter Symbols -
So after reading on a yahoo group today that my friend, Jennifer, got her approval on Friday- day 64 (day 65 for us), getting an email today from my friend, Beth, saying she got her approval on day 66, and hearing that my friends, Kim and Sharon got TA TODAY, I figured it is a GREAT day...what can it hurt to call again and see if we got our I-800A approval (I called early last week and we hadn't been assigned an I didn't want to feel disappointed again today).

I didn't make it to the call though because when I went to get one of my boys off the bus I checked the mail and low and behold, there it was!!!! We got our approval on 12-29-11, which would have been 64 days....received it on day 69.

One minor hiccup- our officer didn't put an "e" on the end of my name so I called her and she said she would fix it and mail a new one out today....whew!

Very excited to be so close to DTC (Dossier to China)! Just one more step (authentication) that might take 2-3 weeks at most hopefully and our agency is doing that part for us!!