Friday, December 21, 2012

December- The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

 Such a busy month, but one full of wonderful memories made as a forever family!
 Putting up the Christmas tree!
 Finding Elf on the Shelf aka 'Jollymon" for the first time!

 Bowling with dad's FFA students.

 Christmas Parade
 Playing with our homemade playdough!
 A visit to the pre-school classroom at the Wisconsin School for the Deaf (WSD).  Lena had no trouble jumping right in and sitting down with the kids.  She laughed and made the funniest happy noises while watching a Santa video while the teacher, Ms. Renee signed.  She made a gingerbread house with a older high school "buddy."  It was apparent she will have no trouble going or adjusting to school.  She will start there after Christmas break. 
 Pizza with Santa at dad's school!

Her first with her forever family!  We are blessed!


Re-Adoption in the US courts

November 30th, 2012....what a great day to re-adopt Lena in the US courts- the last day of Adoption Awareness Month!   It was very quick and easy and now Lena can have a US birth certificate and her name can be changed for her social security card. 

Catching Up- Lena's First Thanksgiving

It is easy to get behind on blogging these days.  Thanksgiving came and went and it was Lena's first Thanksgiving with her forever family.  She has no idea what Thanksgiving is all about, but we sure are thankful to have been given the privilege of being her parents.  Here are some fun things about Lena.

T-  Teachable- Lena has learned so many signs and is starting to teach others signs as well.
H- Happiness that is contagious!
A- Accessorizing- she loves to wear sunglasses, barrettes, necklaces, backpacks- you name it!
N- Noise- all her joyful noises because she is so excited about everything that is so new to her.
K- Keen- she is so observant and bright.
S- Smile- her smile can light up the room!
G- Giggles- that shrill laughter we hear so often.
I- Imagination- she certainly has a great one and is very inquisitive.
V- Very blessed-we are indeed!
I- Inside- she is beautiful on the inside and outside.
N- Nice to everyone she meets.
G-Girly girl- to finally have a girl to dress.