Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We got updated pictures and info!

YAY for updates! We got a brief update on measurements today thanks to Ann at Red Thread Kids- she sure is fast! We also got four updated photos of Lena. They have cut her hair even shorter and unfortunately, she doesn't look too happy in any of the pictures. I sure would like to squeeze her and see that beautiful smile! That's the hard thing about getting updated photos- it just makes your day to have them, but at the same time, it makes you just want to go over there and get them and that is not possible and there are so many more long waits ahead. We'll just pray that the waits are as short as possible and that we can get her home as soon as possible! If you are someone who prays, we would love prayers that Lena Grace Yujie is being cared for as well as possible and loved, along with the other children in her orphanage's care.

Enjoy the new pictures...I was excited to see one of her in a dress- can't wait to dress my first girl in cute clothes!


  1. Oh, sweet girl! Praying the days before she is in your arms goes quickly!

    Karin F

  2. She is beautiful!! AND thankfully hair grows!! Our Ava is growing her hair out now! They always gave her a boy cut! Little Anna had her head shaved many times!

    I got the brothers shirts at Gymboree!

    You have a beautiful family!!

  3. She looks so sweet and beautiful!

  4. Brooke - she's adorable!!! I know the wait must be hard. :) Can't wait to see her in her new family!