Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Smile and a Little Bit of Love go a LONG Way!

We got photos today from Lena's birthday celebration
thanks to Kelly and Angela with Lady Bugs N Love!!!!

And we have a precious smile!!! Yay for a smile and for the nanny in the picture who appears quite smitten with our sweet girl. I am guessing that may be the deaf nanny I have heard about- I will have to look into that. It sure gives me relief after some of the things I have heard about the orphanage. It may be hard for Lena to leave her special nanny, but we know from past experience that if a child has a special bond and has attached to someone in their life that they are way more likely to bond with us and attach. I am praying this will be true for Lena!
And here is what you really came to see! :)

Preparing the cake!

WOW that flame is huge...is that a firework or something? I love her facial expression here!

Trying to show that she is TWO years old!

Blowing out the candles!Cakes are a big deal in China! Every child's I have seen has been just as fancy. This cake is beautiful! It is also a tradition to smear frosting on the child's cheeks! Too cute! :)

This is your last birthday without your family!

Celebrating with friends-so glad to see everyone getting a special treat! And from the looks of it, she seems to be the only girl. SO many boys in need of a family....LOVE our sweet boys so my heart just aches for them!


  1. Oh my word, so sweet! I got a little choked up seeing her nanny lovin' on her. I pray that our Addisyn has someone lovin' on her too (I know Caleb does). :) Love the pictures!!! :)

  2. SOOOOO special!
    She is such a dumpling, and what a joy to see her with her birthday cake!
    Praying the rest of your wait goes smoothly and quickly:)

  3. What wonderful photos!!! Your heart must be leaping out of your chest to see her receiving so much affection! So happy for you and Lena!

    Rebecca Coleman

  4. Lena is so CUTE!! It is wonderful to see that she is learning some sign language.