Friday, April 20, 2012

And it's HERE!

The infamous LOA (Lettter of Approval ) or LSC (Letter Seeking Confirmation) arrived today from our agency via Fed Ex.  I had forewarned the Fed Ex driver that it is a bit of a tradition for people to take a picture of their Fed Ex driver delivering this document because it is so important!   I am pretty sure he thought I was crazy.  Well then it comes today and it's a totally different Fed Ex delivery man.   I explained it to him and asked if it would be okay if I took his picture handing off the document and he told me in 18 years of delivering, this is only the 2nd time someone had asked him to do that and he happily complied and then said, "Congratulations!"   :)

The LOA just needs to be signed and dated and sent off with a handful of other documents back to our agency, upon which we will then move into the next phase- back to immigration for the I-800 this time (US Immigration approval of a SPECIFIC child).  :)  A couple little steps after that approval and then you are granted your Travel Approval (TA) and you are off to China usually 2-3 weeks from TA.  

Without further ado, I give you the Henningfeld family LOA!

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