Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lena's First Birthday with us!

In December we also got to celebrate Lena's first birthday home with us, her first birthday with a family of her own and gifts just for her.  We let our kids pick what they want to eat or where they want to go for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  It was hard because Lena doesn't have enough favorites or had the chance to have a favorite restaurant yet.   We ended up taking her to Culver's for her birthday thanks to a nice gift card Rick had received.  :)    What a great day!

 The Birthday Girl!  Happy 3rd Birthday, sweet girl!
 Lena with her little brother who would celebrate his 2nd Birthday the following day!

 Celebrating with Family
 Birthday song and cupcakes (saved the cake for the party)!
 In China, they smear frosting on the child's face for a birthday celebration- we had to follow tradition.

The Party!  We had a combined party for Lena and Jayce since their birthdays are so close to Christmas and one day apart.  We had one big cake for everyone and separate cakes for the kids.  The kids played with homemade play dough, decorated Christmas cookies, made snowflakes, and played in the school gym.  We had a lot of fun- thank you to our family and friends who were able to make it there during this busy time of year and to those who sent something special even though they couldn't make it!

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