Tuesday, December 2, 2014

An Update, A Smile, a Care Package, and a Prayer Request

Things aren't slowing down here.  We are moving right along!   Everything is done and sent off to our home study agency and our home study should be ready to be reviewed by the end of this week!  WOO HOO!  Hoping for finally approval within the next couple of weeks so we can send off our paperwork for immigration to get our fingerprint appointments set-up.

Recently, our daughter's foster brother's family got some news that he wasn't doing well.  It was a big scare.  They are leaving THIS Friday to go get him too!  We all prayed hard and they received an update that he was doing better and was well enough for travel.  With that update, they received a few videos.  In one of the videos was our girl!!!   And guess what?  It was the first time we got to see her smile and what a beautiful smile she has!   It melted my heart and really made it feel real to me.   It looks like our daughter and her foster brother, Finn, have a close relationship.  I'm sure being separated will be hard on both of them at first.  Please pray for Finn's health and for the transition and adjustment for Finn, for our sweet little one, and for the foster family.  Please pray for safe travels for the Goings family who will be leaving on Friday to pick-up Finn and pray for their time in China and for Finn to adjust and bond well with his new forever family.

We are so thankful to have connected with this family, as our children share a special bond.  We are also extremely blessed to have them take a special package for our little one from us.  Because she is only two and deaf, she won't understand who the package is from, but it will be a special gift for her. We want her to know our faces well since no one will be able to prepare her for her adoption.  And since she has no language, we sent a simple sign language book in hopes that her foster family may help her start learning a couple simple signs.  We sent a disposable camera so that they can take some pictures of her while we are waiting.  We also sent a couple outfits, some barrettes, a hat and gloves set, and a little Minnie Mouse.

When I was in the store picking out a few things to send her, I came across a book written by Nancy Tillman called, "Wherever You Are, My Love Will Find You."   Oh my, did this book have me in tears.  I thought about our little girl and how hard it is to wait to bring your child home.  I thought about Christmas and celebrating without her here this year and wishing she could be with us.  I thought about all the children who are waiting still to be chosen.  Oh how my heart breaks for them and I wonder if they will find their forever families and if they will know what it means to celebrate holidays with their very own family.  Take the time to listen to this story here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jKYvRVOdb4

To our precious little one waiting- even though you don't know us and we are not yet together, we love you and can't wait for the day we get to meet you and you get to join our family forever!  Wherever you are, our love WILL find you!

Here are some still shots I took from the video.  

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