Sunday, August 23, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday, Macie!

By far one of the hardest things during the adoption wait is when you miss out on your child's birthday.  It happens and there is not much adoptive parents can do about it, but it is a bittersweet day celebrating your child's birthday WITHOUT them.   What makes it a bit tougher is that we really thought we would have had her home for her birthday or at the very least been in China celebrating her birthday with her.  With our 2nd file delays, that just could not happen.

Yesterday (Aug. 22nd), we had smiley cookies and ice cream.  We are really looking forward to a special celebration next year WITH our daughter, Macie, HOME with us!   I tried to send a cake to her, but was told that the orphanage already sends a cake to the kids in foster care and that they had already arranged that.  I hope her foster family celebrated her and made her day a special one since we couldn't.

HAPPY 3rd Birthday, Macie!  
We will be coming for you soon- hopefully November.
This picture is from April. It's the most recent we have.

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