Sunday, August 7, 2011

We Found a Home Study Agency

Well, after a week of many phone calls and a lot of disappointment, we found a home study agency! We couldn't use our past agency because they are not Hague or COA accredited and this is one of China's new requirements for families whose dossiers will be in China after October 1st. The first agency we tried was COA accredited but would not work with us because Jayce is not one yet...even though that is okay with our agency and okay with China because he will be one by the time we are dossier to China (DTC) anyways. One no longer does international homestudies. One only works with clients who are going through their agency's China SN program. And that left two- both Hague accredited, thankfully...but both VERY expensive. We went with the one that communicated with us the quickest and happened to be a little less expensive. Now we need some prayers that they are good with working with bigger families (which they seemed to be), open to allowing us to bring home two at once (if we decide to go that route), are good communicators, and efficient!

Our application to our home study agency will be going out in the mail tomorrow and we hope to be able to meet with them soon so we can get the home study completed and move on to the rest of the dossier paperwork!

Please pray for a good experience- your prayers are much appreciated!

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