Wednesday, October 17, 2012

One Less and Those who Still Wait

I am so happy to be able to say that one child from Lena's orphanage now has a family!   This little girl is very special.  Her eyes were so soulful and she was so happy.  She smiled and laughed with Rick and I.   She's adorable!   I was able to take a video of her that an agency was able to use to help her find a family.  Many families reviewed her file and some put her on hold.  And then one day, a family knew she was meant to be their daughter and submitted their letter of intent to adopt her.  I could not be happier for them and for this special little girl.  

Little Jianna is now going to be Anna Faith- sweetie, your mom and dad love you very much and are working as quick as they can to come get you and bring you home!

And now for these children, who I pray for all the time.  God, please help these wonderful children find their families so they too can come home to a forever family and experience that kind of love.

This handsome baby boy is Kai.  His DOB is April, 2011.  His paperwork is finally complete and he is currently listed with BAAS.  The contact there is Xiaoqing:  He is post-op for anal-atresia.    He will be given special care now that Lena is gone- he is the new favorite of this nanny.  He will sleep in the room with her and be doted on by her- she is very loving and Lena has transitioned very well!   Video here:

This child I will call Pandie.  She is one of Lena's best friends.  Her paperwork is currently at the CCCWA and she should be hitting the shared list very soon as well.   She was born in July 2010.  She has had some surgery I believe, but is deemed healthy now.  I am not sure if she will end up in the SN program or not.  If so, she will likely be listed as LID first for sure since she is now healthy.  I have video of her, her Chinese name, and her full DOB.  She could have a family by now because she may have gone through the Non-special needs program or been matched with a family waiting, so because I don't know for sure, I will still pray.
Video of Pandie and Haleigh:   Video of many of the waiting kids:
This sweet girl is also one of Lena's best friends.  She was born in Aug. 2010.  I will call her Haleigh.  Her paperwork is currently with the CCCWA and she should be hitting the shared list soon.  Her special need is post-op renal deformity.  She is a doll!  I have video of her and also have her Chinese name and full dob.  I am on the look-out for this child.  I am not sure if she has hit the shared list yet or if she might be on an agency list. 

This sweet boy has been waiting on the shared list for too long already.  He is wonderful!  I call him Hayden.  He is 5 years old and would make a great son and brother!   He is very smart, good talker, fine developmentally, and very sweet.  He would love to be loved on!   He has a great smile and loved giving high fives and being picked up by my husband.  He knew his way around the place and was excited to show us around too.  His best friend is Li or Levi who is also waiting for a family.  He was born Jan. 2007 and is post-op congenital proctatresia.  He has had a couple of surgeries already but has not achieved continence.  He will likely need one more surgery and should be able to achieve continence.  Cincinnati Children's is the best place for children with this special need!  I am so happy to have gotten lots of pictures and video of him because his last update was when he was just a little baby!  I have his full dob and Chinese name. He is currently listed with Children's House International.  Contact Heidi at:    

I was unable to get new pictures of Levi and Micah, but did get this video below.  Levi is currently listed with Children's House International. The contact is Heidi:
Levi was born Sept. 2004 and is post-op torticollis (he may also need his eye patched or glasses- seems to have cross eyes a bit or something like it).  His file is from when he was 2 years thankful to have gotten to meet him and get video of him!   He was a sweet boy full of energy- very excited to see us and show us around.  Loved my husband and son- would make a great brother and son too- his best friend is Hayden above!
An old photo of Levi. 

Photo from spring, 2012.


Video of Micah, Levi, and Hayden:
Micah is currently on the shared list.  A family could use any agency with a China Special Needs program to adopt him.  Micah was born Oct. 2004 and his special need is choroidal detachment.  He is blind and cannot see at all.  His file was last updated at 3 years of age.  I was so glad to meet him and get video of him.  He was shy and quiet with us, but very sweet and he had a great smile!  He needs a family to unlock his potential and give him a chance.  He would do great at a school for the blind/visually impaired...or even at a school that accommodates well for a child with VI.   He lives with a foster family, but was brought to the orphanage just to meet with us! :)  
There was also a little girl with Down Syndrome whose papers were in process.  She was around one year old.  I was unable to get photos of her, but here is link to her video:

This is Megan.  She was born July 2009 and her paperwork is currently at the CCCWA.  She should be hitting the shared list soon.  She is listed as having obesity and is said to have a big appetite.  I am guessing that she has a metabolism issue or condition, maybe thyroid issue??   I have heard of a metabolism condition before- just cannot think of what it is called- rare condition.   Having a doctor or specialist review her file may help determine this.   I have her Chinese name, full DOB, and video of her as well.   I have not seen her yet, but I am watching for her.   VIDEO here:    


  1. Brooke,

    You are amazing! Six little ones and your advocacy for the children left behind is inspiring. That little Kai always pulls at my heart strings when I see him. Maybe because I have my own Kai from Fujian province. I hope and pray someone claims him and all the other children soon.


  2. I would love to find out more about little Haleigh or Pandie. If you hear anything more about either of them, please let me know. We were DTC last week, and should be getting our LID any day now. These girls are precious! If you need my email address, I'll gladly give it to you. Thanks!

  3. my email is thanks!