Tuesday, November 11, 2014

An Exciting Find

In the last post, I mentioned that our daughter to be was in foster care.  In her file, it mentioned that she had a foster brother. I knew that is had to be a little boy that either was placed by Madison or who was waiting to be placed.  I got in contact with a few adoptive families who were in the process of bringing home children from this orphanage and sent out an email to Madison's amazing guide. I got the boy's Chinese name and confirmed that not only was his family one of the ones I had been talking to (who will be traveling very soon by the way), but he was a child I had advocated for!   I am so excited to have made this connection.  We live hours apart, but definitely close enough to visit at some point.  I am so excited that we will be able to keep these two in contact since they have been growing up together in the same foster family.   I wish I had a picture of them together, but for now I'll just share their individual pictures.
This is Finn, our daughter's current foster brother!  The first picture of him was one I used to advocate for him.  The second one is a more recent picture of him.  The third picture is our daughter, whose name we are still trying to decide upon.  Please pray for safe travels for Finn's family, as they will be leaving in the next few weeks to get him.  Pray for his heart as he leaves his foster parents and foster sister and everything he knows.  Pray for him to transition well and bond quickly to his new family...his forever family!   Please pray for his foster parents as they have to say goodbye to him and pray for our daughter's heart as well.   YAY for one less orphan in the world very very soon and praise God for the internet so families like Finn's and ours can get in touch with each other and keep the children in contact.

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  1. I love connections like these! Will the other family be able to take something to your dd or her foster parents for you? We carried gifts for another family when we adopted Hannah in 2010. :)