Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tis the Season for Shopping!

Well...it's that time of year for sure.  Halloween has past and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Christmas will be here before you know it!   It's time to start Christmas shopping, if you haven't already.  I've got a couple ways you can shop for some special people in your life and help us bring our daughter home at the SAME time!  Sounds interesting, right?

We have some pretty amazing friends and one of our friends sells Premier Design Jewelry.  She has offered to give ALL of her commission- 45% to us for our adoption!  That's incredible!   Premier Designs is a Christian-based company and they believe in personal connections.  In the past, they did not have an online catalog, but they do now!  However, you cannot order online.  For local friends, this is not a problem.  You can even look at a catalog if you'd like- I have a few!  For friends who are not local, you can look on the website and email me or pm me your order and I can get a total for you.  You can pay by credit card, cash, or check.   Orders need to be in by Sunday, November 23rd!

Here is the website link: http://kristirowntree.mypremierdesigns.com
*You will need an access code to enter.  That code is: andy

And there is a November Special!  The November Special is: spend $75 and get ANY item (retail $50 or less) for just $10!

Does anyone on your list like jewelry?  This is a great opportunity to get someone checked off your list!   Thank you for taking the time to look and/or share!

The second option is for those of you who shop on AMAZON!  Amazon has an incredible program.  There is a box on the right side of this blog that says Amazon.com Purchases.  If you start your search through the box on our blog, we will get a small percent of your purchase to put towards our adoption expenses! Amazon.com is a fabulous place to buy your books (real or for your Kindle), birthday and Christmas gifts, school supplies, baby supplies or gear, and so much more!   It truly is as easy as that.  You just type something into that box over there...anything at all, even if it is not what you end up ordering and once you check-out, Amazon will donate a small percentage of your purchase to our family!  So thankful to Amazon and to all our friends who have used this box during our past two adoptions.  Every penny helps!

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