Saturday, July 14, 2012

Breakfast in the Hotel and a Short Walk...Burning time until Gotcha!

We have been just trying to waste time today, waiting until gotcha day at 3:30 p.m. our time- Sunday.
We had a late breakfast at the hotel, hoping it will hold us over until an early dinner.   We also took a little walk behind our hotel this time and checked out our hotel a bit more.  When we got back to our room, Lena's crib was here!  That made it a bit more real. 

                                       Evan at breakfast.  Yes...noodles for breakfast here... after a bowl of cereal! :)

                                        Checking out the view from behind our hotel today.

 Our room with the crib in it, for Lena!   Evan made the bead things for his sister too while waiting.

Next up- gotcha day...45 minutes away!  Whew...stomach is in knots- excited, anxious, name it and we've done this before- that's the crazy part.  It's kind of like the anticipation of child birth (minus the labor pains thankfully).  You think it will be easier the 2nd time, but it's not necessarily easier and you are more nervous because you know what to expect.


  1. I love to check your blog when I wake up....and by have your little one in your arms!! Hope all is going well for all of you. Can't wait to see pictures!

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