Monday, July 23, 2012

Catching Up- Day Five Together- Old Fuzhou

On Thursday we met with Penny and went to Old Fuzhou- one of the most famous streets in Fujian province.  We checked out a few shops and bought a few neat items for Lena.  We saw a few neat statues.   But it wasn't long into our time when a major meltdown occurred.   Let's just say that this meltdown was the worst and longest meltdown I have experienced with all six of my kids.  Whew!  Just thinking about it exhausts me.  I think I lost a few pounds from sweating and definitely lost my energy too.   There was back arching and screaming and crying and drama.  I am sure it was a combination of the fact that Lena hadn't been eating much yet still, it was super hot and humid, we had visited the orphanage the day before and that was a lot for her, and she is going through a lot of change right now.  But, I did not give in.  I know she wanted me to hand her to our guide and she probably would have turned the tantrum right off because she is very good at that.   I told our guide not to take it personally and that it had nothing to do with her, but that I needed to just hold her through this.  It was a long 45 or so minutes with lots of people staring, talking about us, coming up to us, trying to help, etc. but she eventually calmed down and stopped.  I at least sent the message that mom is not going to give up and just pass you on to someone else whenever you start throwing a fit or meltdown.   Hoping I don't have to go through too many more of those though!   Our time was cut short and we headed back to the main street to get a taxi.  Of course on our way to get the taxi is when the tantrum stopped.  We headed back to the hotel and spent the rest of the day there.   During Lena's nap, Evan and Rick went swimming in the hotel pool outside of the hotel.   When Lena woke up, I took her for a walk and we stopped by the pool.  She enjoyed watching Rick and Evan, but wanted nothing to do with putting her feet in the water of the baby pool.   We then took a little walk inside the hotel.   That night we ordered pizza from Papa John's.   Evan thinks it is so cool that a guy comes to the hotel on a scooter with your food and delivers it to your door.   It was a little taste of home and after the experience from earlier that morning, I needed that! :)  The night ended on a happy note with Rick giving Lena a bath and then her laughing so hard when he had her and Evan on the bed and was tickling them both at the same time.   The ups and downs of adoption- you just gotta try and focus on the positives and all the joyful moments.  It is also important to constantly pray and remind yourself to think about what it would be like if we were walking in this child's shoes. 

 A random picture- but these are one snack Lena has liked and are like animal crackers, but round and they melt in your mouth.

 Back at the hotel- pool time for Rick and Evan!

 Tickle time with daddy after a bath! :)  Got some smiles and laughs after a rough day!

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