Monday, July 16, 2012

Our First Night Together!

Our first night together- precious time for sure!  She fell asleep on me with her head in my lap and then she woke up and did some grieving- I just held her like this and stroked her sweet head.  Speaking of her head- I forgot to mention yesterday that the back of her head is completely flat!  You can't see it by looking at her head, but you can sure feel it.  


I love Crayola's color tablets that you can put in the bathtub and it turns the water a color- we had to go with pink for our little girl!   We added some bubbles too.  She very much enjoyed the water and especially the bath toys.  She did not so much like having her hair washed or getting any soap in her face...even though it is only the baby soap- no tears.   

Look at that smile!  I have a feeling that baths at her orphanage were not this fun.  Whenever Lena smiles, she closes her eyes tight and flashes a huge's so cute!

In pajamas- ready for bed!  She couldn't let go of that little cell phone of dad says- typical girl! :)

She fell asleep on our bed- clutching onto her phone and her stuffed flower- two of her favorite toys we brought with us. 

Daddy carried her to her crib once she was totally out.  Moved the flower with her too, just in case! :)   Good night precious little girl!   She made a few noises in the night, but she slept straight through the night. 

I'd say we had a wonderful first day together!  


  1. Congratulations! She is beautiful! So glad that she is sleeping well for you!


  2. What a day! I can't imagine the things she must be thinking! She's so lucky to have you guys - and you her!

  3. She is just precious Brooke! Lukes head is totally flat too.. Part of being ignored in a crib.. I am so glad she did so well her first day. Praying for all of you