Monday, October 12, 2015

Evan's Cookies in a Jar Fundraiser

We plan to take Evan and Lena with us to China because we know they will both be helpful, that they travel well, and because we know they will help their new sisters not feel so scared. This will allow them to be able to open up and start the bonding process sooner too.   I have to be honest, we're also taking two kids this time to alleviate some of the hardship on the grandmas and grandpas who will be watching our kids back at home.  Six kids, their schedules, and their homework will be enough for them, I think.  Evan is doing excellent in school and will do any work his teacher sends him.  We are not at all worried about him missing a couple weeks.  Lena is also doing terrific and her school feels this will be an experience of a lifetime for her.  At least the grandmas and grandpas will have one less school and a lot less homework to have to worry about. ;)  

Evan is such a sweet child. He has a heart full of compassion and I love that!  He's wanted to help raise some of the money for his flight so that it isn't one more thing we need to worry about.  Around Easter, I helped him make homemade playdough and educational Easter eggs. He raised a little over $200 selling those things.   He has also applied for a grant another child gives away approximately twice a year for a child who wants to go to China with their parents. I am SO proud of him for filling out his first grant- a lot of thought and time goes into that process!   The first time, he made the top 13 out of 40+ applicants, but was not selected.  He just re-applied a couple of weeks ago and is awaiting the outcome.  Either way, we are so proud of him for applying!  

He wanted to share a new fundraiser he has with those of you who are local.  With my help, he has created a fall "cookies in a jar."  These would be great for Halloween or Thanksgiving and they'd make a great gift too.   You can see the recipe below to see what is in them, what is included in the jar, and what you would need to add.   Evan is selling them for $10 each.  We are happy to deliver to local friends and family at no cost.   Just send me a message on Facebook or email me at if you'd like to order one.  You can call or text too if you have my number.  

Thanks for supporting Evan- he's super excited about this and about going to China to help us bring his two new sisters home!   I'm sure I've mentioned, but Lena is excited too!  She tells people at her school every day that she is going to China tomorrow to bring home her sisters.  :)  




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  1. Great job, Evan!! You and your family will be in our prayers. I would love to take 5 jars. Thanks!