Sunday, October 11, 2015

Now for What's Been Happening Here at Home & Adoption Update

We've been busy since school started!   When our kids aren't in school, we are consumed by homework.  That will happen when you have a 3rd grader, three 2nd graders, a 1st grader, a Kindergartner, and one in 4K.

Rick and I have gone on a handful of field trips.  The kids started back up with sign language class once a week and AWANA started back up too.  They are so excited about AWANA!

And we can't leave out that we were able to find a few wonderful souls through the UWM interpreting program to interpret for Lena for AWANA on Wednesday nights and for Sunday school at church.   We are so thankful she can now participate in AWANA and that she is going to get something out of Sunday school.  It's so important and so we are happy to have Amber, Aaron, and Kendra interpreting for her.  Such a blessing!

 Rick, Rowan, and I got to go bowling with Jayce for his morning pre-school.

 Rick went to the apple orchard with Jayce and his afternoon Junior Kindergarten class.

Rowan and I got to go the same apple orchard with Jayce and his morning pre-school class.

Rick ran the Milwaukee marathon last Sunday morning- his 2nd time.  It was his 6th marathon and personal best time!   I sure wish I liked running. ;)    Evan and Jonah went with my sister-in-law and niece to watch dad and uncle Ron run while the other kids came with me to a fall festival at the church and school Rick grew up in.  We played a bunch of games, including our very favorite...the cake walk!  The odds are good when you have many children in the same family playing. :)  We won two cakes!  Reid picked out the Packer cookie cake above.  We've been loving watching the Packers and the great season they are having.
 The kids played on the playground between the games and the meal we have with Rick's side of the family.  We've been experiencing a lot of ups and downs in weather here.  Some really warm days and some really cool days and not a lot in between. I think we are about done with the really warm days now though.  I would love many more days in the 60s and 70s, but we shall see.  For now, we are enjoying the fall colors while it lasts.

When I was on my trip to China advocating for orphans, our Letter of Approval (LOA) for Maeleigh came!   It arrived on our front steps the very day I got home from my trip...PERFECT!   We have had a bit of a roller coaster of a process between then and now (seems to be the story of her adoption), but we have received our I-800 Approval and our Article 5 was dropped off at the US consulate in Guangzhou, China.  Somewhere in there we decided to book a consulate appointment for Macie, with the hopes that they could squeeze Maeleigh in for a consulate appointment on the same day and at the same time.  The consulate is going to expedite Maeleigh's article 5 because of our unique situation with Macie's travel approval expiring soon and because we have a set consulate appointment already.   Our article 5 should be picked up on Monday night while we sleep/Tuesday in China. Please pray that it is ready and picked up that day- we'd sure appreciate your prayers!    At that point, we will be waiting on travel approval for Maeleigh.  It appears as if we will be traveling November 6th- 19th, with a gotcha day for both girls on Monday, November 9th and a Consulate Appointment on November 17th, pending they can get Maeleigh in on that day and time.  Worst case scenario- they make us come twice in one week for two consulate appointments or move Macie's to a day or two later and schedule both girls then, making us have to stay another 1-2 days in country.  That is the only reason I have not booked our airline tickets yet. I would love confirmation that they can get both girls in on the same day and at the same time. I sure would think so, but you never know. We'd love your prayers for that too!

We'll have more specific prayers to come.  We've got A LOT to do around here between now and November 6th.  But we can finally say, girls- we are really coming and SOON!
We are excited and Lena is VERY excited.  Others are starting to feel sad about having mom and dad gone for 2 weeks.  They'll be on a future prayer request for sure.
We have requested updates for both girls.  I hope they cooperate because our last picture of Macie was from April. Our last picture of Maeleigh was from July.  I am hoping for some good information on both of them too. I asked some pretty specific questions.

Thanks for following our journey and for your prayers and support!  

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