Friday, October 30, 2015

T Minus One Week!

I can hardly believe it, but one week from today, we will have dropped the kids off at school and will be at the Chicago O'Hare airport to get on our flight to China!   We still have so much to do, but things are getting done too.  You know how it is though..every time I cross something off the list, something else gets added!

We'd like to share some praises!  This week we received a wonderful grant from Gift of Adoption! Such a blessing and perfect timing!  God always provides!!    I'd like to give a shout out to Gift of Adoption though because we have gotten to know them on a more personal level, having attended a couple of their fundraising events and written an article for them for the Racine newspaper.  Their hearts are for orphans all around the world and for helping families at the end of the adoption process by removing some of the financial burden so that they can get their child/children home!   They are very good people and they do some incredible fundraisers to raise money in order to give grants to families like ours.  In fact, this is the 2nd grant we have received from them.  Reid was granted their 1,000th grant in 2013 and they have now given over 1,500 grants!   They will be celebrating their 20th year of grant giving soon and Reid will be featured due to him having been a milestone grant. :) If you are ever looking for an organization to donate to or support, I'd highly recommend giving to Gift of Adoption:

Another praise!  A few days after we booked our flights, I had printed the itinerary to put in a folder to take with and realized the travel agent had spelled our last name wrong.   He corrected it right away and told us that re-booking with the new spelling saved us $274!  AWESOME!

Yet another praise!!  Evan finished up his cookie jar fundraiser to help raise money for his ticket. He sold 73 jars and got a couple donations.  He raised approximately $540!  With the money he made during his Easter fundraiser, he is pretty close to raising the money for his whole flight.  We are so proud of him!  

A couple people asked if Lena had a fundraiser. I'm not sure she understands that concept and we've just been busier than you can even imagine so we didn't have two fundraisers going on.  But a few kind souls did want to give her some donations and she raised about $60 for her trip. :)   She's just so darn excited, I can't even tell you!

And the last one for now- a shout out to my dad for donating a bunch of his Marriott points to us for one of our nights in Hong Kong on the way in and for our five nights in Nanning, Guangxi!   It worked out perfectly that the 5th night ended up being free with 4 nights worth of rooms booked with points.  That was such a great gift and so very helpful!

I'll be posting more about our itinerary and our upcoming prayer needs soon, but for now- back to the to do list! ;)  

When you step out in faith and trust in our God, you can expect miracles!  Anything is possible because we serve an awesome God and He is faithful.  He always provides for us and we are blessed to be His children.

We are so excited to have Macie and Maeleigh officially part of our family soon!


  1. I'm so excited for your growing family, Brooke! Praying for you now and in the weeks ahead! :) Wendy

  2. Have a great trip! I'm sure it'll be wonderful. The girls are precious!!