Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Our Last Day in China!

Today, Wednesday November 18th, was our last day in Guangzhou, China.  We had our last breakfast at the Garden Hotel and spent some time wandering around the hotel.  We then went back to the room and Rick and Evan took one last cab ride to One Link plaza to get some gifts for the boys at home and some Christmas presents.  The girls stayed here with me and we got everything packed up.  We took our air mattress back down to the concierge and picked up a package of a couple little things we had ordered from a shop on the island that weren't ready yesterday.  From there we headed to McDonald's to get a late lunch.  They have these ordering screens now (different than the last times we've been here).  You take your receipt/order to the counter to pay if you didn't choose the credit card option.  Then you wait for your order to be up.  Rick said it was pretty efficient when him and Evan went there for something a different day, but we didn't have as good of luck.  In just a couple hours, we will be checking out of the hotel and getting our visas for the girls.  Then we will be headed in a van to Hong Kong with a flight out tomorrow morning, Thursday, November 19th.   Please pray for safe travels home!  We are excited to see the rest of our family and for the boys at home to meet the girls and vice versa.  Thank you to everyone who followed our journey and for everyone who supported us in one way or another- we are blessed and we have felt covered in prayer, which is awesome!

The small playground outside the hotel near the pool.

A little waterfall near the pool area.  The kids were all sweating from playing on the playground. :)

The McDonald's ordering system....I'm wondering if we will see these in our McDonald's in the future!?!?

More from Hong Kong later!

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