Thursday, November 5, 2015

T Minus 24 HOURS!

I can hardly believe it's here, but in about 24 hours we will be taking off from Chicago headed to Hong Kong to go get our girls!!

Here is our itinerary:

Nov.7, Saturday
Arrive in Hong Kong at 7:55 p.m. Check into the Sky City Marriott

Meet driver in hotel lobby at 9 a.m. -He will take us to the Shenzhen Train Station. Take the train to Nanning, Guangxi. Guide in Nanning will meet us at the train station and take us to the Marriott Hotel- Nanning.

Nov.9:  MONDAY       
Gotcha Day!  We will meet Macie and Maeleigh at the Guangxi Civil Affairs office that afternoon.                     
Nov. 10:  TUESDAY      
Complete adoption registration in Guangxi Civil Affairs. Finish notary process in Guangxi Notary Office. (9:00am to 12:30).

Nov. 11: WEDNESDAY                                                                                        
Tourist Day

Nov. 12 :  THURSDAY   
Take the train to Liuzhou to visit Liuzhou orphanage and possibly meet the foster families.  We are also hoping to meet some waiting children as well.
Nov. 13: FRIDAY    
Pick up the girls' passports and take the bullet train to Guangzhou. Our guide will meet us at the train station and take us to the Garden hotel.

Nov. 14 : SATURDAY                                                                                 
Medical exam and TB test.
Prepare consulate paperwork.

Nov. 15: SUNDAY
Touring:  Pearl Market and Shamian Island.
Nov. 16: MONDAY
Touring: Safari Park
Nov. 17:  TUESDAY    
Consulate appointment at 8:30 a.m.

Pick up visa in the afternoon. Take van to Hong Kong.  Check in at the Regal Airport Hotel.

Fly home!
Our flight leaves Hong Kong at 11:50 a.m. and returns to Chicago at 12:25 p.m. that same day.  Gotta love time changes!  

If you pray, please pray for the following:
*Safe travels (flights and train rides) for Rick, Brooke, Evan, and Lena and then all of us plus Macie and Maeleigh on the way home.
*For our parents who are watching our children- for patience and for all to go well.
*For our children back home while we are gone.
*For our health while in country and for Evan, Lena, Macie, and Maeleigh's health as well while in country and traveling home.
*For Macie and Maeleigh- that God would be preparing their hearts the best He can and that their foster families would be preparing them as best as they can as well.  Prayers that they will quickly realize that we are safe and loving and for them to be able to trust us and start bonding and attaching with us.
*For Macie and Maeleigh's foster families hearts- we can't imagine how hard it would be to have children in your care for a significant amount of time and then to have to say goodbye to them, possibly forever.  
*For all appointments and paperwork in country to go smoothly and as expected.
*For our family's adjustment to a family of 12!

We would like to thank:
*Everyone who participated in any of our fundraisers/matching grants in any shape or form- donating an item/items, purchasing an item/items, donating to a matching grant or directly to us, etc.  You guys are a huge piece of this puzzle!
*All the grant organizations out there, but especially those we received grants from- we could not have adopted two children without the help of these wonderful people.
*Madison Adoption Associates and especially our spunky caseworker, Amanda. :) 
*Rick's sister, Renee, for taking us to the airport.
*Our friend, Carrie, at church for setting up a meal train while we're gone to help our parents and then for once we return home to help us when we're trying to get into a new normal and dealing with jet lag.  Thank you to everyone who has signed up already and who plan to do so.  Such a blessing!  We'd also like to thank Carrie for helping find people to cover the Operation Christmas Child table for me at church two weekends in a row.
*And most importantly: Our parents, especially my mom and Rick's mom for watching our 6 children back at home for the whole trip!  A huge thank you to my mom for using vacation days and for being willing to spend the night each night with our kids as well.  We cannot thank you both enough!!!    Thank you to my mom and step-dad for being willing to come and pick us up at the Chicago airport on the 19th as well.  It's always nice to have someone waiting for your arrival and to greet your newest family members!

Less than 24 hours now til go time!   

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